Fibre Sort Facility

Noted to be the ‘first of its kind’ in the UK, 2018 saw WRL buy a second site on Teesside in Hartlepool, which has been developed and built into a state of the art Fibre Sort Processing Plant.

  • Opened: April 2019
  • Size: 72,000 square foot
  • Investment: £6.1 million

Fibre Sort Facility

The facility, which is noted to be the ‘first of its kind’ in the UK, sited at Windermere Road in Hartlepool (Teesside), the substantial plant will be dedicated to creating high quality recycled paper.
The plant marks a move into the recovered paper market for Ward Recycling. The firm already operates an MRF and a glass recycling plant at its base in Middlesbrough, along with offering kerbside collections throughout the UK.

The facility encompasses seven optical sorters, with a drum feeder and bunker, along with an OCC screen and recovery line.

Around 100,000 tonnes is anticipated to be handled each year from local authority source separated paper and card mixture, and a mixed fibre from commingled collections. The company already has a number of contracts in place to take in material but is also keen to work with other local authorities and commercial entities.

The plant allows the firm to cope with changes in the global recycling market, allowing flexibility with the proportions of material handled.

On the optical sorters, the machines are very flexible; you can change the settings as your material evolves over time. The material in five years may be quite different because of consumer habits. The plant can cope with those changes, quite easily.

That is one of the better aspects of the plant; the flexibility of what the plant can do – which is something that’s been recognised and talked about since the original design stage of the plant.

Looking ahead, WRL believes it’s about being that stepping stone that gives you the ability to specialise in a material – which is where WRL think that is the direction the market place is going to go – because even if exporting continue’s, it’s clear that the quality of the export has to be so much higher to be able to have confidence in what you’re doing.

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